Build talent pools via virtual internships

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Scale the way you source & hire early talent

Leverage world-class talent

Create your internship programs around skills and reap the benefits from adopting a skills-based approach to talent early on.


Personalized work-flow ensures that candidates feel valued and are more likely to re-apply to your company in the future.

Automate your task flow


Get better hiring outcomes

Make decisions based on data and scientific insights to effectively predict candidate performance and reduce turnover.


Inside our vetting process

Every intern who joins your virtual internship undergoes a rigorous vetting process, conducted by our in-house team, covering a variety of domains. Here’s what they look for:

Skills and expertise

Educational background

Language proficiency

High motivation and significant knowledge in their fields of interest

Accredited achievements and relevance to your industry

Effective communication skills in English language

Decide on target groups

From engineering to accounting, select the talent you would like to attract.

Retain your top talent

Talent comes to you

Create fully branded short-term work experiences to acquire diverse talent at scale.

Skip the search and let relevant candidates send video interviews for approval.

Improve Intern-FTE conversion by aligning performance with requirements.


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How to hire talent on Internset Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions


How does your platform ensure the quality of virtual internship experiences?

Internset Enterprise meticulously vets both interns and companies, ensuring a high-quality match. We maintain stringent standards and offer tools for ongoing feedback to optimize the internship experience.


What flexibility do we have in designing the tasks and timeline for our virtual internship program?

You have full autonomy to design tasks and set timelines according to your company's needs on Internset Enterprise. Our platform is built to accommodate diverse program structures, providing the flexibility you require.


Can we customize the virtual internship program to align with our company's goals and values?

Absolutely! We prioritize customization on Internset Enterprise to ensure your program reflects your company's unique culture, objectives, and values. From taskflow design to virtual meetings, everything can be tailored to your specifications.


How does your platform attract and screen candidates for our virtual internship program?

Through targeted outreach and partnerships with academic institutions, we attract top-tier talent worldwide. Our rigorous screening process evaluates candidates' skills, experiences, and alignment with your program criteria.


What level of support can we expect from your team throughout the program's duration?

Internset Enterprise's dedicated support team provides comprehensive assistance from onboarding to program completion. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues or optimizing program effectiveness, we're here for you every step of the way.


Are there any costs associated with publishing our virtual internship on your platform?

We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your company's needs on Internset Enterprise. Our goal is to provide accessible solutions for organizations of all sizes, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.


Can we track the progress and performance of interns engaging in our virtual internship?

Absolutely! With our white glove service on Internset Enterprise, you'll not only be provided with daily performance reports of the candidates but also gain exclusive access to proctored timesheets of their work.


How do you ensure confidentiality and security of our company's proprietary information?

Internset Enterprise prioritizes data security and confidentiality, implementing industry-leading encryption protocols and access controls. Additionally, interns sign confidentiality agreements, and our platform provides secure communication channels to safeguard sensitive information.


How does you handle communication and collaboration between interns and our team members?

Our platform offers seamless communication and collaboration tools, facilitating real-time interaction and workflow coordination. From task-based feedback to virtual meetings, we ensure smooth collaboration, regardless of geographical barriers.


What reporting and analytics do you offer to assess our internship program's effectiveness?

Internset Enterprise provides comprehensive insights and performance metrics tailored to your virtual internship program's needs. Through our advanced analytics, you'll gain valuable data-driven insights into participant engagement, project outcomes, and overall program effectiveness, empowering you to make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

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